Benchmarking Survey


Dear Stakeholder,

We encourage you to take part in the SIMPATHY Benchmarking Survey on polypharmacy and adherence management in Europe.

This survey will be conducted in 28 European countries in order to get better understanding of best practices of polypharmacy and adherence management in elderly, at the same time allowing stakeholders like you benchmarking of their own practices toward existing ones, before being rolled out across the EU.

SIMPATHY (Stimulating Innovation Management of Polypharmacy and Adherence in the Elderly) is a EU project which tackles inappropriate polypharmacy (i.e. the situation where people are taking multiple medicines that are not all needed or causing them harm). Polypharmacy is a major health issue which increases the likelihood of adverse effects, impacting significantly on health outcomes and healthcare resources.

The final outcome of this project will be a strategic approach across the European Union which will guide interventions in polypharmacy and adherence management in the elderly, seeking to improve the health of older people.

We would be more than happy to allow every interested stakeholder taking part in this survey. Shall you be happy to let your friend complete it, please provide his/her e-mail address in the relevant box.

If you have more questions regarding this exercise, please contact SIMPATHY Project Benchmarking Coordinator, Professor Przemyslaw KARDAS.


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