The CLINIC Foundation for Biomedical Research | SIMPATHY project


Hospital Clínic Barcelona (HCB, participates in the SIMPATHY project as affiliated partner to the Clinic Foundation for Biomedical Research (FCRB, HCB is a hospital with a dual role. As a university tertiary hospital, it aims at consolidating an organisation that stimulates excellence in care provision, training and research at international level. As a community hospital, that serves an urban area of 540.000 inhabitants, the priority is set in innovation on new models of organising care provision, with a focus on improving coordination across levels of care and providers resulting in more flexible and efficient processes. One of the lines of work on innovative models of care concerns new strategies around polypharmacy management. A multidisciplinary approach rooted in a comprehensive assessment of patients with polypharmacy regimes is currently being developed. This work considers a wider range of aspects, from professional skills and motivation to impact in health outcomes or organisation of services. This experience is brought into the SIMPATHY project by HCB and FCRB researchers involved.