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The slides are offered for use by any agent of change management seeking to address improvements in management of polypharmacy. The slides are fully editable to enable the specific context of the initiative in different organisational, regional and national settings to be edited or added. These slides provide material and ideas for developing and communicating the vision for polypharmacy management.

Download the slides: Management of Polypharmacy – VISION for 2025


PESTEL can be a useful tool to help agents of change understand the factors creating uncertainty within the relevant environment. This document provides examples of these uncertainties within the context of polypharmacy and offers a framework for performing PESTEL analysis.

Download: How to Conduct a PESTEL Analysis for Polypharmacy Management


This report sets out the case for prioritising working together now to address inappropriate medication use over the next decade, to ensure the quality, economic and political systems are put in place to improve medication safety for patients. There are encouraging signs of the increasing recognition of these challenges, and the timeliness of this report. In March 2017, the World Health Organisation (WHO) launched a global challenge to address medication safety, with polypharmacy as a flagship element. A special interest group will be launched by the International Foundation on Integrated Care in May 2017.

Download: Polypharmacy Management by 2030 – a Patient Safety Challenge


The aim of the consensus study was to determine the levels of consensus amongst key stakeholders in the EU in relation to aspects of the management of polypharmacy and adherence in older people. Forty-six statements for the first round of the Delphi were developed from the findings generated from SIMPATHY Work Packages 4, 5 and 6, focusing on structures, processes and outcomes around the promotion of appropriate polypharmacy and adherence in older people. Consensus was deemed to have been met at 80% (summative of agree and strongly agree) for each individual statement.

Download: Delphi Study Report on the Vision for Polypharmacy Management


Transforming Awareness into Action: Implementing effective management of the use of multiple medications across the EU.

Download the Flyer: Polypharmacy Programmes