ICIC17 SIMPATHY Poster Presentation | SIMPATHY project


Medication review and polypharmacy management in the hospital setting were studied in Greece and Catalonia, within the framework of the SIMPATHY project, and were presented in ICIC17, Dublin, May 8-10, 2017 (Theme 3. Poster 407/110) in all poster sessions. Similarities and differences in the stages of development, implementation and evaluation of polypharmacy management programmes in these two countries, as well as facilitators and barriers, supported conclusions on the potential of hospitals becoming points of bottom-up effective management of inappropriate polypharmacy, as long as a top-down approach by the State and/or institutions is also provided. Fruitful discussions had taken place with conference participants that visited the poster and were made aware of the overall results of the SIMPATHY project. A common comment from them has been the need of a worldwide approach to medicines optimisation through multidisciplinary collaboration.

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